Magento - Integration / Setup

Let’s translate your Magento eCommerce website

This is a step-by-step guide to help you integrate Weglot into your Magento website and make it multilingual.

Step 1: Create your Weglot account

This is where you’ll manage all your translations in one place. Create your account here.

Step 2: Enter your domain URL and choose the desired translated language(s)

After validating your email, you’ll arrive at the Weglot setup page. Enter your website URL.

Then, specify the original language of your website (the language your Magento store was originally created in) and then the language(s) you want to translate it into.

Important – Subdomain integration is best for SEO. We will create subdomains for each translated language and automatically index them on Google. But you need to have a live website connected to your own domain to be able to use the subdomain integration. If you’re in a development phase or if you want to quickly test Weglot first without SEO, select ‘Use JavaScript integration’ in ‘Other possible integrations’ on the setup page.

In our example:

  • the domain is
  • the original language is English
  • the translated language is French

Click on the “Next” button to go to the following step.

Step 3: Configure DNS

This is the step where you configure your DNS to create and connect the subdomains. The subdomains will display the translations of your Magento store once configured. In our example, we purchased a domain name on Namecheap, but it’s also working if you’re using another Domain name provider.

You’ll see the following DNS entries to add:

Then, go to your Domain provider account and find where you can manage the DNS (in Namecheap, there is a “Manage” button on each domain that leads to it).

At this stage, you should be able to create new entries. Select CNAME as the type of entry.

If you have doubts about how you should do it or where it is, we can help you. Just email us at

Once you have added and saved the entries, go back to the Weglot page. You can click on “Check DNS” and a green icon should appear, it means everything has been successfully set up. It can take some minutes to be ready.

Then, just click on “Next”.

Step 4: Add the Weglot JavaScript snippet

This is the final step, we will add a small JavaScript code to your Magento store to make Weglot work even better.

In your Magento admin, go to Content > Design > Configuration

Select your main store view and click “Edit”.

Go to HTML Head and paste the JavaScript snippet in “Scripts and Style Sheets” field > click save.

It’s done! 

You should now see the language switcher button on your Magento eCommerce store and see your newly translated site! 

Tip: Don’t forget to Flush your Magento cache and any other cache system you might have if it’s not appearing.

You can now review and manually edit your translations in your Weglot account. Go to your Weglot dashboard to edit your translations, invite team members to your project, or order human translations.

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