Squarespace - Integration / Setup

This article explains how to setup Weglot to make your Squarespace website multilingual.

1. Create an account on Weglot via this link. (~ 1 minute)

This is where you will get all translations and where you will be able to manage the translations. Simply create the Weglot account here

2. Enter your domain name and languages you want (~ 1 minute)

In this step, you enter your domain name. Do not enter your Squarespace temporary domain, but your real domain name. It should NOT end by .squarespace.com.

In my example my domain is weglot-sqspace.com, it is originally in english and I want to translate it in German + French

Click "Next" to go to the next step

3. Configure DNS records (~ 5 minutes)

Now, you will configure DNS records to make sure the subdomains are connected.

The translated version will be on these subdomains once you are finish.

As you can see you need to enter several entries in your DNS record. Go to your Squarespace admin area, in Settings > Domains. Now there are 2 possibilities:

a) If your domain is managed by Squarespace, like on my screenshot, it will appear under "Managed by Squarespace". In that case, click on it, and then "Advanced settings"

Then you can enter the DNS that are prompt, like on my screenshot. At the end, click "Save" at the top.

b) If your domain is manage by a third party (like GoDaddy, Hover, or 1&1, ...), access the DNS records zone and add your entries there. If you are not sure where it is, we can have a look for you. Just email us at support@weglot.com

When your entries are done, click "Check DNS" and you should see a green check mark indicating you that the DNS were successfully configured. Click "Next"

4. Install the library (~ 3 minutes)

The last step is to add the JS library that will add the language button on your website.

This is simple : just copy the code that is shown to you and paste it into Settings > Advanced > Code Injection and "Header". If you have already something in this field, it's ok, just put it after.

5. You are done!

You are finish ! Now you will see the language button appear on your website. Give a few minutes to make sure your subdomains are finishing to be setup. Try changing the language and you will see your translated website.

6. Optional - Put the language button in the menu (~ 5 minutes)

By default, the language button appears on your the bottom right of your website. But sometimes you want it in the menu, as links.

Go in your Main Navigation and add a link in your menu. The URL should be #Weglot-fr for French for example. Replace the "fr" with the 2 letters code of your language. All code can be found here


7. Ask for help

If you need any help, at anytime, ask us directly at support@weglot.com. We always answer quickly.

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