Squarespace - Integration / Setup

This article explains how to setup Weglot and create a multilingual Squarespace website

You're lucky! Weglot has officially partnered up with Squarespace to help you get a multilingual website easily.

To setup Weglot on your Squarespace website, you can follow the steps below:

1. Connect Weglot to your Squarespace website

In your Squarespace dashboard, go to Settings > Language & Region > Site Languages and click "Connect"

2. Create a Weglot account

Start by allowing Weglot to connect to your Squarespace website.

Then, create a Weglot account through the pop-up. If you already have an account, you can instead log in by clicking on " Already have an account? Sign in"

3. Pick your languages

Choose the original language of your website (this is the language in which your website is before adding Weglot)
Choose the languages you want to translate into. In this example, French.

Once you're done, click the "Save" button.

4. You're done

You will see the pop-up below. It means your website is now multilingual!

You can click "Done" to access the options page. Go check your website: You should see the language switcher appearing on your website. Try changing the language, and the translations will appear

5. Next step (optional but recommended)

a) By default, your translations are automatic, but you can manually edit them in your Weglot account - not in the Squarespace dashboard
Click "Edit translations" from the Squarespace dashboard, and it will take you to the Weglot dashboard.

b) By default, the multilingual SEO is not activated. So we strongly advise you to activate the subdomain option in Weglot. It will allow you to have your translated version on a subdomain like fr.mysite.com, ensuring that Google indexes your translated version(s).

Go to the "Multilingual SEO" section and click "Setup subdomains" to enable multilingual SEO. It will take you to the Weglot dashboard, where you will need to follow instructions to activate the subdomains. Check this article if you need help with this process.

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