Squarespace - Integration / Setup

Launch your multilingual Squarespace site in minutes following our quick tutorial. 

Note: this integration is only available on Squarespace 7.1. If you’re using version 7.0 or 5, use our general integration

1) Connect the Weglot extension

Through your Squarespace dashboard navigate to ‘Settings> ‘Language & Region’. Here you’ll see Weglot, click on ‘Connect’.

A popup will appear asking you to give Weglot access to your Squarespace site. Click on ‘Allow’. 

2) Link a Weglot account

You’ll then be prompted to create a Weglot account. This is where you’ll manage your website translations.

If you don't have any Weglot account, you'll need to create a new account. If you already have an account, you can click on "Already have an account ? Sign in". Then, you'll be able to connect to your existing account.

Once connected to your account, if already have a project setup for Squarespace, it will appear, and you'll be able to link it directly to your website. If you don't have any project, follow the next steps to create a new project for the Squarespace integration.

3) Choose languages

Once you’ve linked an account, you’ll be asked to give your project a name and then select the original language of your website and the languages you want to translate it into. 

4) Your Squarespace site is now multilingual!

Visit your live website, and you’ll see it’s now fully translated. Choose to edit your translations through the Weglot Dashboard and edit the appearance of your language switcher through the Squarespace website builder. 

5) Create language subdomains 

To set up language-specific subdomains (e.g. a French website would be https://fr.mywebsite/ French), click on ‘Setup subdomains’ under the ‘Multilingual SEO’ section in your Squarespace dashboard. 

Follow the instructions on the screen. Here you’ll see your DNS entries. 

These need to be added to the domain section within your Squarespace dashboard > ‘Settings’ > ‘Domains’. 

If you purchased your domain name outside of Squarespace you will need to go to your domain name provider account and add your entries there (need help? Contact support@weglot.com

Your domain name will appear under ‘Managed by Squarespace’. Click on it, and then ‘DNS settings’. Add another entry by selecting the drop-down where the ‘A’ appears and choosing CNAME. Then copy your DNS records from your Weglot Dashboard. Paste the language code in the first column and ‘websites.weglot.com’ in the IP address section, then click ‘ADD’. 


Now go back to your Weglot account, click “Check DNS” and after a few minutes you should see a green tick icon; which means your language subdomains are live. 

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