WordPress - What is the private mode?

In this article, you will see how to use the private mode in WordPress - A feature allowing you to disable the translations display for your visitors during your editions.

1) When you add the Weglot plugin, it's set as "public" by default. All your visitors can access the translated pages. 

Using the private mode, you'll be able to see the translated pages, when logged to your WordPress admin. Your visitors won't be able to see translated pages until you reactivate public mode. It's useful to edit your translations and see how it looks on your website before publishing it to your visitors.

2) How to switch to private mode? 

Go to WordPress Admin > Weglot Translate Plugin Settings. At the bottom in "Other options (Optional)" check the "Private mode" tick box. Then you can choose to make all your translated languages private or just one.

Click on save changes.

Now you're in Private mode and the translations are only visible by you as you're logged in as an administrator. 

Note that:  

the language button is still visible for you but not for your visitors.

Tips: Open a private session and check your website... There is no button!

3) How to switch back to public mode? 

Uncheck the Private mode tick box (or the specific language tickbox if you only want to make one language public) and click save changes. Your visitors will be able to see your button and your translations.

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