Shopify - Native menu

In this article, you will see how to create a native menu on your website

Go to Shopify Admin > Apps > Weglot Translate > Online Store > Navigation section and select the menu where you want to add your button.

Then, click on " Add menu item" and add languages you choose in Weglot.

Click on "Edit" and add the related link. For instance, for the English button add  #Weglot-en, for a French button you will have to add #Weglot-fr. Note that the 'W' in capital letter is important. Here is an example below:

You also have the possibility to create a main item, such as 'Languages' for instance, with # set as the link.

Then you can drag and drop the language items as subitems of the 'Languages' one with the six dots on the left. So the item will show as a dropdown menu item:

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