Shopify - How to exclude from translation all pages except specific one(s)?

In this article, you'll find how to exclude every page from translation except specific ones.

Go to your Shopify dashboard > Apps > Weglot Translate > Other options section > Exclude paths
There, you'll be able to add the pages you would like to exclude. 

1) RegEx

Actually, there's a way to say "exclude everything except..".
This is possible with regular expressions (RegEx).

A little reminder: the Exclude URL section is working with relative URLs. For example, if your page is, then /page/ is the relative URL. 

2) Exclude Path

a) Once you've filled the field " Exclude paths" with a regular expression, click on Add and don't forget to Save after that:

Tips for the Exclude URL section with regular expressions (RegEx)

  • Exclude everything except a specific page using its relative URL: ^(?!/mypage/$).*

  • Exclude everything except the landing page: ^(?!\/$).*

  • Exclude everything except a few specific pages: ^(?!/$|/shop/$|/categorie-produit/$|/produit/$).*

  • Exclude everything except every page that begin by /product/... ^(?!/product/).* (Meaning, without the "$")

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