Does Weglot support Right To Left (RTL) languages?

In this article, you will find how Weglot supports Right To Left (RTL) languages translations.

Weglot supports RTL languages and adapts the layout of your website. Here are some of our available RTL languages:

  • Arabic (ar), 
  • Hebrew (he), 
  • Persian (fa) 
  • or Urdu (ur) 

How to customize your RTL languages layout?

1) On WordPress:

You can edit some CSS rules which will apply only to your RTL languages. Do that on your WordPress Admin > Weglot > Language button design, in the 'Override CSS' field. For instance, you could change the size and font of your website in Arabic language:

2) On Shopify: 

You can go on your Shopify Dashboard > Apps > Weglot > Custom CSS and paste some CSS rules to customize the layout of your RTL languages. 

Here is an exemple of CSS rules: 

html[lang="ar"] body {
    font-family: fantasy!important;   
    font-size: 12px!important;

This rule will apply only to the Arabic version and will change its font family to fantasy and its font size to 12 pixels

Layout issues that might happen

Sometimes, your pages might not be fully properly displayed in RTL design.

To fix that:
- First check with your inspector if the CSS rule direction: rtl; applies to the concerned content. If not, please add it to your Weglot Override CSS
- Alternatively, you could also try other CSS rules such as:

  • float: right!important; align-content: right!important; 
  • or align-items: right!important;

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