Shopify - How to translate my invoices

In this article, you will find out how to translate your invoices on your Shopify website.

As Weglot Shopify App is compatible with Sufio App, it's easy and simple to get your invoices for your Shopify store in different languages.

1. Add Sufio App to your store

Sufio will automatically creates invoices when orders are created, paid or fulfilled. Then you'll be able to send the invoices, using emails or links. Finally, get paid faster by accepting credit card payments for unpaid invoices.

2. Sufio key features

Thanks to Sufio an invoicing app for Shopify, you can create a complete experience for your users in their own language, from their first visit to their purchase. Sufio will notably handle:

  • Languages, with translated invoices based on the visitor's language when purchasing
  • Accounting compliance in the different countries you're selling
  • Multi-currency
  • Thank-you notes to good customers and reminders to debtors
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