Shopify - Troubleshooting - I deleted the Weglot app but the Weglot button remains on my website

In this article, you'll find how to troubleshoot when you still see the Weglot website whereas you already removed the Weglot app.

To complete the uninstallation, you must follow this check-up list to remove the flags from your website:

1. Go in your Shopify Dashboard > Online Store > Themes

2. Click on "Actions" and click on "Edit Code"

3. Open theme.liquid file

4. Remove : {% include 'weglot_hreftags' %}

5. Remove : {% include 'weglot_switcher' %} then Save.

6. OPTIONAL:  If your button isn't located at the bottom right, you can eventually remove :
<div class="weglot_here"></div> then Save.

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