Why is there a "Let's get started" mention on my account whereas the Weglot button is displayed on my website ?

In this article, you'll find how to deal with the message "Let's get started" when you're logged into your Weglot account.

You have installed Weglot and added the language button to your website (following the Weglot tutorial), but you can not find any translations in your Weglot account.

Try to generate your translations

You need to synchronize your website with Weglot by visiting one of your website pages in the translated language in order to generate your translations.

Go to your website and click on the Weglot button to switch the language.

Weglot will detect and translate your original content instantly and automatically. 

You can now access your translations in your  Weglot dashboard, as seen below: 

Key Point: if you can't find translations of one of your pages in the translation editing tools, always visit it in a translated language.

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