Shopify - Design - How can I change the Weglot button position?

In this article, you will see two ways to move the Weglot button to your Shopify website.

1) First Option:

You have to go to your  Shopify Dashboard > Apps > Weglot.

Select the desktop version at the bottom of the screen,

  1. Click on 'Move the language button',
  2. The switcher will appear in the middle of the screen and you'll be able to drag it and drop it where you want!
  3. Save your changes.

If you have multiple buttons and want to apply CSS rules to this specific button (initially named Button N°1), go to your Override CSS and use the #weglot-switcher-1 id:

#weglot-switcher-1 .country-selector { left: 30px; }

2) Second option:

You can add a language item directly in the native menu of your website. See: Native menu

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