Is there a specific plan for agencies

In this article, you'll see if there's a specific plan for agencies and what are the best practices when it comes to project management

No, there is no specific plan for web development agencies and freelancers.
While developing and managing websites for your customers you have two possibilities

  1. Managing all your projects in the same Weglot account

Starting from the Pro plan, you have the possibility to manage multiple projects, meaning customers' websites, on the same Weglot account. This is a good option if you, as an agency or freelancer, will be in charge of the payments. Here is more information about the plans allowing you to manage multiple projects: Pricing page

2. Creating new accounts for each new project

This is the workflow we suggest if you don’t want to be in charge of the payments if you’re managing big projects if you want to make sure that one or a few of your customers don’t use all the words you’re allowed to translate in your plan

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