Jimdo - Integration / Setup

In this 4 steps guide, you will see how to integrate Weglot into your Jimdo website.

1) Step 1 : Weglot account

First, please create a Weglot account. You can do that  here.

2) Step 2 : Paste the code

Copy and paste the code bellow in your  Jimdo Dashboard > Settings > Edit Head

<script type = "text/javascript" src = "https://cdn.weglot.com/weglot_jimdo.js"></script>
	Weglot.setup ({ 
		api_key: 'API_KEY', 
		originalLanguage: 'fr', 
		destinationLanguages: 'en,es', 

3) Step 3 : Replace API and original/destination

Replace the items api_key, originalLanguage and destinationLanguages. 

  • Your api_key is available on your Weglot account. It looks like  wg_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • originalLanguage : indicate the original language of your website, with its 2-letters code (all codes available here ). If it's French, keep "fr".
  • destinationLanguages : indicate the desired languages with their 2-letters code. Each language has to be separated by a comma.

4) Step 4 : Save and reload your website

The Weglot button should appear at the bottom right of your website, like that:  

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